MIKE GRINDLERProduction Manager

As a former Secondary Industrial Ed teacher, Mike transfrered his skills of teaching shop to constructing sets and overseeing the technical side of Jupiter’s productions with ease.  In Jupiter’s off season Mike is a Sports Fishing Guide on the Gulf Islands.

VICKY ROSE – Lighting Designer – Quaaout Lodge

Vicky has been working with Jupiter Productions, in various capacities,  for the past twelve years – most recently as Lighting Designer.  With a history of nine years as Production Manager at Neptune Theatre in Halifiax, Vicky’s disciplined theatre experience underlies her easy going attitude in dealing with whatever comes her way.

MICHELLE MURRAY – Photographer

Michelle handles all of Jupiter’s photography needs and wants over the past several years.

Wow Photography Studio  –  604-812-5369

JAMES THOMAS – Spot Light Operator – Quaaout Lodge

James was a student when he first operated lights for a Jupiter Production at Quaaout Lodge and his ability to handle the job was very impressive.  Many years later, and now Head of Maintenance at Quaaout, James is an established and highly respected member of  Jupiter’s production crew.


Duranne’s ability to remain calm during a flurry of quick costume changes backstage has earned her the respect and appreciation of all cast

MARSHA SIBTHORPE – Lighting Designer – Granville island Revue Stage

CAROL MACDONALD – Stage Manager – Granville Island Revue Stage

PAM WINDOVERPublicist – Quaaout Lodge/Granville Island Revue Theatre