MIKE GRINDLERProduction Manager

Mike oversees all things technical for Jupiter Productions. He has also designed and built sets for numerous productions.  In Jupiter’s offseason Mike is a Sports Fishing Guide on the Gulf Islands.

VICKY ROSE – Lighting Designer – Quaaout Lodge

Vicky has been with Jupiter Productions for the past twelve years – as Stage Manager & Lighting Designer.  With a history of nine years as Production Manager at Neptune Theatre in Halifax, Vicky’s disciplined theatre experience underlies her easy going attitude in dealing with whatever comes her way.

BILL BUCKINGHAM – Sound Designer/Engineer

MICHELLE MURRAY Resident Photographer

JAMES THOMAS – Spot Light Operator – Quaaout Lodge


MARSHA SIBTHORPE – Lighting Designer – Granville Island Revue Stage/Vancouver

CAROL MACDONALD – Stage Manager – Granville Island Revue Stage/Vancouver

PAM WINDOVERPublicist – Quaaout Lodge/Granville Island Revue Theatre/Vancouver